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Three Currency Ideas For England

on April 3, 2012

Contemporary currency wars have created an arena in which central governments and central banks are continuously creating excessive amounts of digital cash.  Due to the nature of the euro, the $US, and the £GB, these exercises in ‘quantitative easing’ and ‘credit easing’ will result in a cascading domino effect of defaults and a subsequent hyper-inflationary depression.  There are a growing number of people aware of the problem and they are examining systems to implement as the ‘crisis’ accelerates.  These people include groups and individuals, and as of April 2012 I am aware of three currency systems in the pipeline.  I will examine each individually and leave you to draw your own conclusions.

System One: Decentralised Sterling.

This is an idea suggested by yours truly and has a basis of copper, nickel, and silver within its nature.  Within decentralised sterling there are three independent monetary systems that I believe over time would ‘price discover’ their true value compared to the goods and services accessible in post-BofE sterling Britain.

The first independent system comprises bronze copper and is implemented through use of the 1p and 2p 1971-1991 coins.  The one penny weighs an eighth of an ounce, whilst the two pence weighs a quarter of an ounce.  Bronze sterling uses the concept of the ‘pound’ in its original format.  In other words, bronze sterling is a weight-based currency system and £1.28-worth of the suggested coins weighs one full pound.  Even those uninterested or confused by the notion of currency should collect these coins.  It is far less than the stock market price for a pound of copper and the bronze coins are 97% copper.  I realise this system isn’t sufficient in itself, but the bronze coins should and could be perfect for smaller purchases such as a bag of potatoes or a few apples.

The second independent system within the decentralised copper sterling project is the 1992-2010 5p and 10p coins.  These form the basis for a white copper currency system and they comprise of 75% copper and 25% nickel.  The 5p weighs 3.25g and the 10p weighs 6.5g.  Unlike bronze sterling, white copper would trade in the form of grams and kilos and not pounds and ounces.  Furthermore, the 50p coins and the now de-monetised 1971-1991 5p and 10p coins along with all those florins and shillings made between 1947 and 1970 can also be thrown into the ‘mix’ for white copper sterling.

With both these two systems I realise there could be confusion over whether to use the nominal value or not.  I have thought of an idea that I will implement and test-run myself in the near future.  As implied above, both bronze sterling and white copper sterling are based on a certain ratio of metal within a coin of certain weight.  I/We therefore simply need to provide more clarity by stamping the coins.  I’m sure anyone that knows me at all will guess which side of the coin I suggest we hammer stamp.

To be entirely clear, and as specific as I can, I propose stamping the bronze 1p and 2p coins with “Bronze Sterling” across the top, “0.97 Copper” at the bottom, and then the appropriate weight in the centre, for example “1/8 Oz”.  Incidentally there are many other bronze coins with the same metals ratio.

The white copper coins will have “White Copper” across the top, and “75Cu 25Ni” across the bottom, again with the appropriate weight in the centre.

These first two independent systems are relatively abundant, everyone will have access to them, and they require no one person to implement them.  We can all encourage it……..if we wish to.

The third, and final independent system within the decentralised Sterling concept is the 50%copper silver coins that were forged between 1920-1946.  These, like the coins in the other two systems can be stamped on the side of the monarch with weight and purity of the coin.  There are four primary coins: half-crowns, Florins, shillings, and six-pence. They are not abundant – which is a good aspect of their purpose -and there are enough to warrant proposing a currency system based upon them……separate and within itself just like bronze sterling and white copper sterling.

So there you are, decentralised sterling, three separate and independent currency systems based upon the concept of weight in monetary metal.  I reckon it’ll ‘work’ and I reckon you should check your change for any stamped coins in the future……ideas cannot be stopped.

System Two: Digital L

I made the earlier mistake of conflating digital ‘L’ with the currency proposed by the British Constitutional Group.  My apologies for this error, and I shall attempt again to explain ‘L’ here.  If you want further elaboration, please contact the organisers over at tgl.

Due to the tgl team agreeing to offer a platform to the BCG I mistakenly thought that ‘L’ was the BCG sovereign pound – discussed later – and not a separate digital currency.

‘L’, as I understand it now, is based more with the notion of currency in mind rather than the notion of money per se.  Currency, after all, is energy, and monetary currency is simply the energy created through economic activity.  I agree with them on this.  The banking cartel control much activity simply because they have “the power to issue and control a nation’s currency supply” which is why they don’t give a $hit who “makes its laws”.

‘L’ is generated when the participants join – 50 ‘L’ – and then only generated through ‘volunteering’ in areas such as teaching and learning.  Since it finds it’s origins in a University and is used primarily by students this makes perfect sense.

It is of my understanding that those involved wish to create a currency that flows between its members – one that they can use for years post-University life.

I do like the idea, or at least the moral philosophy underpinning the notions, but I just don’t think it will be sufficient to pick up the slack created by a $US collapse.  I reckon we’ll survive the euro implosion, i.e. BofE sterling will still be inflicted upon the public in the aftermath of the euro demise.  We won’t, however, be using BofE sterling after the biggest bubble in the history of mankind – the 1971-date $US – pops with the economic magnitude never been seen before.

I suppose, however, and indeed I know full well that the organisers of tgl do not foresee such an epic collapse whilst I believe this is the 1340’s all over again – just with a twist.  The twist, of course, is the internet.

I wish them well though, and any person or group looking to become free from Rothschild’s debt&death paradigm has my full blessing and spiritual support.   Get yourselves some silver too though guys…….just in case.

System Three: the British Constitutional Group’s Sovereign Pound

I know even less about this one than I do about ‘L’.  In fact, as stated, I thought ‘L’ was the sovereign pound.

Apparently the BCG are attempting to neuter BofE sterling through the process of fractional reserve banking.

Specifically, they want people to convert their BofE sterling into sovereign pounds at the ratio of 1:10.  In other words, if you were to bank-wire £100-worth of digital BofE into your digital sovereign pound account you would have one-thousand sovereign pounds.

As with ‘L’, I’m unsure this will work on a larger scale, but if a group of people wish to establish a currency for trade amongst them then I say go for it.

A final cautionary note

There is one more proposal doing the rounds in ‘Ol Blighty.  The originators call themselves ‘positive money’ and the people involved tend to be close to the City Of London.  They also propose keeping that old diabolical relic the Bank of England up-and-running.  Mmmmmmm.

Think on………………………….



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